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Top 6 video game cities we would freaking love to live in!

6. Bowerstone (Fable series)

And so our story begins. This is the town that ignited my love for the Fable-series. It is where I first got to know the famously eclectic universe as a small Sparrow-boy running errands in the gentle snowfall of Bowerstone Old Town. I could spend hours furnishing my house, choosing stupid nicknames from the town crier(I usually went with Dumpling or Chicken Chaser), and showing off my skills as a hand-puppet theater master in the charming town marketplace square. I would love to settle down here, once I am a slightly insane old man.

5. Oxenfurt (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

This vivacious Redanian town is resting gently on the northern shores of the Pontar river. It is a Middle agey bohemian paradise bursting with culture and fine arts. It is also home to the renowned educational institution Oxenfurt Academy — the very school where Geralts’ fashionable friend Dandelion studied and subsequently taught liberal arts. Being a student city, it has an effervescent nightlife, and one can almost always hear music and laughter until the small hours of the night. If you are feeling less academic, there is always the possibility to frequent the local haven of debauchery called The Rosebud. For a game of Gwent of course.

4. Megaton (Fallout 3)

If you are tired of setting the world of the Capital Wasteland on fire, you can find relative peace in the city of Megaton. Of all the settlements I have visited over the years in the various post-apocalyptic wastelands of the Fallout series, Megaton is the one that stuck with me the most. It is not a beautiful place in the classic sense of the word, but it does have a certain aesthetic quality to it. It is also where we met some truly unforgettable characters like Lucas Simms, Moira Brown and of course the infamous Mr. Burke. The biggest setback is obviously the fact that it is build around an active nuclear bomb, but if you manage to disarm that little speed bump, it could be an amazingly quirky place to live. I would love to enjoy an ice-cold Nuka Cola and watch the lights of the city as the sun goes down.

3. Val Royaux (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

If you do not appreciate the rugged charms of Megaton, then Val Royaux is most likely the answer for you. The Capitol of Orlais is a shimmering golden gem seemingly washed ashore by the mellow waves of the Walking Sea. As another university city, home to the University of Orlais, it is a full of history and grand architectural visions. The fabled White Spire is a landmark to behold, and the Grand Cathedral is an illuminated giant leaving most visitors feeling humbled. There is, however, a downside worthy of a mention: Val Royaux is a city of intense social divide, and many inhabitants are destitute and without much hope for a better future. If you are not one of these unlucky people though, this is certainly a picturesque place to spend your days with the elite.

2. Whiterun (Skyrim)

Aaaah the streets of Whiterun. Although we do not get to the Cloud District very often, the rest of the hold is also absolutely marvelous. It is sometimes referred to as “The heart of Skyrim”, and that is not without reason. The cobblestone streets are busy with trade, and everywhere the scent of smoke from the roaring fires hits your nostrils as you walk down towards the city Inn The Bannered Mare. I always attempt to pick a different city as my base when I come back to the province of Skyrim, but even though Riften is a close second for me personally, I end up returning to Whiterun every time. It is homely and familiar, and I would love to kick off my boots and share a mead with juniper berries with my favorite drinking buddy Sam Guevenne. And we all know how that ends.

1. The Citadel (Mass Effect series)

If nothing on this list has tickled your fancy so far, we guarantee that this Sci-Fi utopia will. Located in our very own Milky Way Galaxy, this 45 kilometers long space station is home to almost 14 million souls from all over the universe. I remember the first time Ash and I visited the Citadel back in the beginning of an epic adventure, and I was absolutely overwhelmed by its beauty and visions for how our future might look one day. The Citadel is the political center of attention in Mass Effect and it also looks like it. There is a vast number of shops on the Citadel, many of them my favorite, and it houses the infamous night club The Purgatory. If you love being the center of the universe, this is where you should settle down.

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