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Six "dead" video game franchises we want to come back to life immediately

It is that time of the year: E3 2019 has inspired us to dream BIG!

(we decided to ignore Half-Life 3… It's just not happening is it.)

This year we were hoping against hope for information regarding Starfield or perhaps a Fallout 3/New Vegas remaster announcement. But as many predicted, that did not happen. Elder Scrolls VI is many years down the line. Dragon Age won't make an appearance. No new Fallout. So let's think out of the box: How would you feel about these franchises making a surprise return?

Many great franchises are currently missing in action so it’s quite hard to choose, but here are our 6 picks for the ones we would absolutely slow-motion-run on a beach towards, if they suddenly came back:

6. Dead Space

Latest release: Dead Space 3(2013)

A strong storyline, especially at first, combined with exploration, loneliness and panic(sounds like we described our own lives at the end there). When the first Dead Space came out, I was astonished how good it actually looked! Especially that amazing-looking swag blueish light on the back of our protagonist Isaac Clarke. The combat was intense and I never felt safe for a moment. Also, the zero gravity sequences were great. It did lose its way a little by the third game, especially when it comes to storytelling, but the atmosphere was unforgettable.

What did we do in it: We have no idea. We were too scared to look. It sounded scary though.

Is it returning? Almost certainly not. The developer, Visceral games, closed down in 2017. The former creative director of Dead Space subsequently said, that the plans for the fourth installment included a bigger open world-design and deep survival mechanics. We would have liked to see how that would have turned out!

5. F.E.A.R (First Encounter Assault Recon)

Latest release(main series): F.E.A.R 3 (2011)

I am a sucker for classic thriller/horror games, and that’s was this was. The gameplay was a fairly standard first person shooter type of thing, but the paranormal interludes were-top notch (I still remember a certain school level in the second game that gave me the absolute willies). Sure, It got a little out of hand by the end of F.E.A.R 2( You know what I am talking about…Yes you do), but we would not mind getting back in this dark universe once more. I Wonder what good old Alma is up to these days. Nothing good we suppose..

What did we do in it? Things we weren’t proud of. Moving along. Nothing to see here.

Is it returning? Very unlikely. The developers, Monolith, did the “single player goes multiplayer” thing, akin to what Fallout 76 has done recently, already back in 2015, and that only managed to spread horror and panic in their own financial department. It’s quite unlikely that the franchise is going to recover from that.

4. Viva Piñata

Latest release: Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise (2008)

I remember having a demo for this game, and having 100 % no idea what it was when I booted it up. Of course, then I started playing it, which did not clear anything up at all. It os now over ten years later, and I still don’t know what actually happened. It was sort of a mental farming simulator, and like other games in that category, it was very soothing to play. Do we understand why this series ended? Yes. But we want it back.

What did we do in it? Piñata-farming. No idea what that is, But the they were adorable.

Is it returning? Oh, it’s never coming back as none of the games sold very well. Perhaps it’s for the best  to leave it a fond memory.

3. Mass Effect

Latest release: Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017)

When it comes down to it, I only credit a handful of titles for igniting my love for gaming. The Elder Scrolls Oblivion opened up a whole new world (accidental Aladdin reference) for me back in 2006. Before then, I really only played FIFA and GTA, but Bethesda showed me how much character a virtual world can have. Bioware, with the release of the first Mass Effect, showed me how to populate those worlds with unforgettable characters and moving stories. I will always treasure my conversations with Garrus, Ashley and Thane, and the bonds I formed with them while winding down in The Normandy between missions. I miss that feeling. Let's reboot it again shall we?

What did we do in it? Space-Tinder. And a lot of calibrations.

Is it returning? It’s only a little dead. Classic Mass Effect ended with the conclusion of Shephards' story, and Mass Effect Andromeda was admittedly a huge setback — We all know that. Personally, I never made it past the opening 30 minutes, so I don’t know if it’s truly as bad as people say, but in any case it was a commercial flop. Is Bioware able to create games with the quality of the Mass Effect trilogy and Dragon Age: Origins again? Only time will tell. With new games like Anthem , they seem to have chosen a different path though. Starfield and Cyberpunk 2077 are arriving in the near-ish future, so the market might be a little saturated when it comes to sci-fi RPG’s the next years. It will come back though. when the time is right. And I will be on board for another space adventure.

2. The Witcher (Geralt of Rivia)

Latest release (main series): The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)

Okay, we are being a little bit cheeky here. I don’t think any of us really think that the Witcher franchise is dead  -  Not with the success of Wild Hunt and the Gwent spin-off. But Geralts’ story is over, which is kind of a bummer. It is a very adult franchise, both in terms of story, politics, relationships and unicorn-related nudity. It is also a game-series that is confident enough to slow down entirely and make the player listen to an entire song in a cutscene with absolutely nothing else going on. I love that. We don’t need to fight monsters all the time in order to be entertained, and The Witcher is aware of that.

What did we do in it: Everything but Gwent. I could never get into that. I could, however, roam around Skellige for hours, and listen to that serene soundtrack.

Is it returning: It absolutely is. It is going to be many years down the line though after the very hyped Cyberpunk 2077(It won E3 already with that Keanu Reeves appearance), but rest assured: We will wield a silver sword once again. In the meantime, we can look forward to the Netflix adaptation starring Henry Cavill in a horrible wig premiering later this year. We have high hopes.

1. Fable

Latest release (main series): Fable 3 (2011)

Yes, Peter Molyneux is infamous for being the Sean Murray(No Man's Sky did improve though) of the 2000’s, and yes, he did say a lot of things that simply were not true. That doesn’t mean the games aren’t fantastic though. Albion is a wonderfully quirky place, full of mental side quests, inventive mechanics and chicken racing (I lost so much money on betting on the colonel for odds 200:1, it seemed like a good idea at the time.). Fable 2 will always be one of my favorite games. Fable 3 did mess up some things, especially by having a weird third act taking place in the very different-feeling country of Aurora, but he core gameplay was wonderfully strange. I would not mind moving to Bowerstone in real life.

What did we do in it? Kicked chickens, listened to garden gnome-choirs, colored our beards purple, became a wealthy landlord, opened demon doors, bonded with our dog, entertained the villagers with our famous hand-puppet theater, went to prison, saved the world and had a family. It was quite an adventure. We are ready for another one.

Is it returning? It actually seems that it is. Things looked bleak for a while, especially after the closure of developer Lionhead studios back in 2016. But lately the rumors have quadrupled about Fable 4 being developed by a different studio(there has even been leaks lately). We hope for an announcement soon, even though it seems it is not going to happen at E 3 2019 after all. But you never know!

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