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Top 6 dead series we want to return to life ASAP!

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This show left us so much on the edge of our seats that our butts barely touched it. The theories were flying around on the internet forums: What is the smoke-monster? Who is the man in the coffin? Are we shipping Jack/Kate or Sawyer/Kate!? Whether or not you think the show came to a satisfying conclusion, you must admit it was quite a thrill to witness this phenomenon. We have to go back!

Surprise: Jack Shepard was originally supposed to be played by Michael Keaton. Oh and he was supposed to die in the first episode..

Chances of a comeback: Pretty high! Just the other day Karey Burke, President of ABC Entertainment, said that she was interested in a reboot of the series. We would be so on board for that! They could even bring back some of the original cast members.The rules of the island are, that there are no rules after all…

5. Scrubs

Aaaaah the good ol’ days. Things were simple back then. This show was predictable and comforting. They sure don’t make sitcoms like that anymore. Who can forget that epic guy love-bromance between JD and Turk? We wouldn’t mind going back to Sacred Heart for another Gordon Ramsay’esque tough love lesson by the legendary and golden-hearted Dr. Cox.

Surprise: In the fifth season finale of The Office “Company Picnic”, the hospital, to which Pam is taken, is actually Sacred Heart.

Chances of a comeback: Unlikely. It’s been so long. On the other hand, Zach Braff could be available after his newest sitcom Alex Inc. got cancelled. Would it still work though, or is the style a bit dated by now?

4. Terra Nova

Do you guys remember this? It was quite the gem. Sure, it was a little Spielberg-cheesy, but the premise was quite unique. It had a little of everything: Dinosaurs, a Post-apocalyptic future, mysterious lore, Time travel and the fantastic Stephen Lang. It also wasn’t terribly dramatic, which made for a very soothing viewing experience. We want more!

Surprise: It cost 14 million dollars to produce the first season, which was a lot back in 2011. Thaaat’s probably why it got cancelled..

Chances of a comeback: Zero, we know. There was talk of Netflix picking it up back in the day, but let’s face it: It was not very popular, it cost a lot of money, production was slow and it ended after only one season 8 years ago. It can join Firefly in the storage box of shows that do not stand a chance of coming back.

3. Community

Dan Harmon is a genius. He based this show on his own experience in community college, and boy, was it hilarious. The writing was sharp, the pop-culture references plentiful and it gave us a break out performance by Donald Glover and a momentary comeback by the legendary Chevy Chase. It did maybe overstay it’s welcome slightly, but at its peak, it was among the best comedies ever. With Paintball-episodes, Annie/Jeff shipping and Ken Jeong what’s not to like? It might not be as universally loved as Friends and How I Met Your Mother, but it absolutely should be! In fact we are rewatching the first season right now and it’s still amazing.

Surprise: Sir Patrick Stewart was originally supposed to play the role of Pierce Hawthorne. While that would have been completely awesome, we are very happy that it ended up being Chevy Chase.

Chances of a comeback: None. Showrunner Dan Harmon has his hands full with the fantastic Rick and Morty for years to come. Donald Glover/Childish Gambino has too much on his plate already and Chevy Chase is mad at everyone. But maybe a movie — Six seasons and a movie, right!? we wonder if that could actually happen..

2. The Office (US)

Dunder Mifflin will always be our favorite mid-sized regional paper company. It gave us the “Jim-look”, Dwight Schrute and of course the lovable idiot Michael Scott. It is a modern classic. The pseudo-documentary, or mockumentary if you will, style has proven to work subsequently for Parks and Recreation also. It’s just a fun format and we want it back.

Surprise: Steve Carell stopped watching 5 minutes into the UK version. He did not want to be influenced by Ricky Gervais’ performance. Well, Ricky is a genius, but Carells’ Michael Scott was absolutely perfect! We didn’t like saying goodbye to him. That was very hard. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

Chances of a comeback: Pretty high. The office is very popular on Netflix, and someone might see the good business it would be bringing it back somehow. There is plenty of rumors the show is returning, but Carell is not horribly interested: “I just don’t know how that would fly now. There’s a very high awareness of offensive things today”.

In other news, Steve Carell is starring in an upcoming comedy series called “Space Force” co-created by The Office and Parks and Recreation Alumni Jeff Daniels, so that could be very interesting indeed!

1. Dexter

We.Loved.Dexter. Absolutely everything about it:from the intro, that we never skipped even once, to the amazing “Trinity Killer” and “Ice Truck Killer” seasons and Michael C. Halls’ powerhouse performance. Granted, we might not have loved that infamous ending a whole lot, but it did make a comeback very possible. We are not remotely done with the story of Dexter Morgan.

Surprise Motherf*****: Dexter Morgan managed to kill 117 people during the run of the show. There is only 96 episodes.. We are not even mad.

Chances of a comeback: High. It is clear to everyone that there is some unfinished business here, and Dexter deserves a proper send off. Recently Michael C. Hall has expressed interest in picking up his old killer gloves again, and we think it’s just a matter of time before it happens.

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