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Top 5 Adam Sandler movies you won't admit you secretly love

Adam Sandler. This guy often tests our patience. But whether you think you like him or not, we’re sure that at least one of these movies is a guilty pleasure of yours.We know this isn’t going to make us the coolest kids in school — but here is our picks for the

FIVE best movies this comedy veteran has ever made:

5. Grown Ups (2010)

Sandler loves to cast his friends, and in this one, they’re all there. He’s joined by David Spade, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock and Kevin James (who is another guilty pleasure of ours, but that’s a topic for a different list) They clearly all just went on holiday together and accidentally shot a movie, but the friendly chemistry somehow makes it work. It’s not good, but it’s great for a rainy day.

Redeeming quality: Golden globe-winner Steve Buscemi is absolutely killing it in his scenes. You gotta love that. He’s an animal.

Surprise: There’s a sequel.. And also the first cut of this movie was 3 hours and 12 minutes long. Yikes.

4. The Wedding Singer (1998)

We like a good wedding-themed comedy. That is why The Wedding Crashers is one of our all-time favorites (And who can forget that glorious Will Ferrell cameo). But years before that, Sandler gave us this gem. If there’s one thing he does well, it’s nostalgia, And in this one, we are back in the 80's. It’s all on display: The music, the hair and the outfits. Imagine that - 80’s nostalgia was already a thing back in 1998. That is like making a movie lovingly remembering Angry birds, Crocs and Nickelback now. Actually — that might work. We’ve said too much.

Reedeming quality: as always in Sandler movies, the soundtrack is magical. Journey, David Bowie and The Smiths - what’s not to like? oh and we like the Boy George-guy.

Surprise: Carrie Fisher and Judd Apatow both worked on the script for this movie.

3. 50 first dates (2004)

In this Hawaiian amnesia-themed motion picture, we are once again joined by Drew Barrymore as well as Sean Astin fresh off Lord of the Rings. Sandlers’ favorite punching bag Rob Schneider is also back for more. It’s quite a sweet love story and there’s something vaguely funny about seeing Adam Sandler trying to convince us, he is in fact a veterinarian. Nevertheless, it’s sunny and well-meaning. We don’t mind it too much.

Reedeming quality: Against all odds Schneider manages to get some giggles out of us this time. That’s something.

Surprise: Of the three movies Barrymore and Sandler made together , the others being The Wedding Singer and Blended, this was the most successful at the box office, earning more than 120 million Dollars and beating films like The Aviator and Anchorman back in 2004.

2. Happy Gilmore (1996)

We all love a good sports-themed underdog story, and Happy Gilmore is no exception. It’s a movie from a time where comedies were just comedies: Simple, silly and never much over 90 minutes long. Is it good? Maybe not, but it’s pleasant and colorful. If only Sandler still made movies like this, we would not mind his Netflix deal so much.

Redeeming quality: The story is actually quite compelling. We’re really rooting for Happy to beat Shooter McGavin and get his jacket. Also his caddy Otto is comedy gold.

Surprise: Kevin Costner was offered to play Shooter McGavin in the movie, but passed up the role. He did however star in a golf themed-movie of his own later in 1996, when he was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in “Tin Cup”. We know which one we would rather watch - your loss boring Costner.

1. Click (2006)

So, this is a strange one..For about 90 % of this movie it is a pretty standard Adam Sandler fare with fart jokes galore, a strange seemingly random supporting cast featuring David Hasselhoff and Christopher Walken playing himself - only somehow more insane and with slightly different hair.Even Sean”Samwise”Astin(in Speedos fully showing off his PO-TA-TOES) is back for more shenanigans. But then, suddenly, in the last minutes something curious happens: The movie briefly becomes a surprisingly poignant Charles Dickens-esque drama about not losing out on the things in life that really matters. We know it sounds impossible. We cannot explain it at all. But Sandler makes us feel something more than slight prepubescent amusement. Absolutely one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in movie history.

Redeeming quality: Some pretty good performances in this one we're not gonna lie. Henry Winkler stands out. And those last 15 minutes.. We’re not crying you’re crying.

Surprise: Click was nominated for an Academy Award (best makeup) but lost out to Pan’s labyrinth. Also, Jonah Hill is in this film. We just noticed that while rewatching it. One year later he made Superbad and Knocked Up and the rest is history.

Did we get it wrong? Don’t go easy on us: