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The Fictional Fights Tournament -  Round 1 Fight 3

Gandalf vs. Melisandre (Mages)

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All Fighters In Their Prime

Who is the greatest fictional fighter? Every story has its own heroes and villains, but who is actually the most powerful? It’s something we have often discussed with worrying passion during lunch breaks, so we thought it was time for the best of the best to duel. We have divided the contestants into three categories: Warriors(No Magic Attacks), Mages (Only Magic) and Rogues(No Guns), and you decide who makes it to the Grand Finals, by voting in our weekly facebook-poll. Gather around and ready yourself for an epic battle, as we move on to the realm of magic.

Last time on Fictional Fights:

Dr Strange(Marvel) was up against a mighty foe, but he ended up besting Saruman(Lord of the Rings) by a rather narrow 58/42 %. This, of course, means that Dr Strange advances to the next round, where he joins everyones favorite headmaster Albus Dumbledore(Harry Potter). Let us find out who will be the next champions to advance on the road to the Grand Finals..

Mages, Group A, Round 1 Fight 3:

Gandalf (Lord of the Rings):

This legendary Maiar wizard has a wealth of names to choose between: Mithrandir, Olórin, Stormcrow, They Grey Pilgrim, Láthspell or The Wandering Wizard to name a few. He is ancient, cunning and quite experienced in the art of war at this point.

Whatever you do, do not let him keep his walking stick. If you forget this you shall not pass to the next round.

Melisandre(Game of Thrones):

The Red Woman has had a busy few days to say the least, and now she is is facing yet another battle. As a Priestess of the Lord of Light, Melisandre has a taste for fire and has been known to use it to defeat and purge her enemies. But what exactly can she do and how strong is she in the arcane arts? The answer is hidden in mystery, but we may be wiser after her battle against Gandalf. She may need all the help the Lord of Light can provide.

Let the Fictional Fights begin!

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