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The Fictional Fights -  Semi Final 2 (Warrior)

This Week: Aragorn(Lord of the Rings) vs. The Ebony Warrior (Skyrim)

Who is the greatest fictional warrior? Every story has its own heroes and villains, but who is actually the most powerful? It’s something we have often discussed with worrying passion during lunch breaks, so we thought it was time for the best of the best to duel. We have divided the contestants into three categories: Warriors, Mages and Rogues, and you decide who makes it to the finals, by voting in our weekly facebook-poll. Gather around and ready yourself for an epic battle, as we begin with the Warrior-class.

Last Week in Semi Final 1:

Geralt defeated Wolverine by a close 51/49 %! So toss a coin for your witcher as he is our first finalist!

The Tournament so far...

Round 1 Warriors:

Aragorn defeated The Mountain

The Ebony Warrior defeated Lagertha

Geralt defeated Jon Snow

Wolverine defeated Knight Artorias


Class: Warriors - All fighters in their prime.


Origins: Lord of the Rings.

Aragorn son of Arathorn. This ranger of the North showed his true quality, when he helped Frodo defeat evil as an important member of the Fellowship of the Ring. In the world of Middle-earth He is considered a mighty warrior.

Characteristics: As a Chieftain of the Dúnedain and a King of men, he is a true leader. Although Aragorn is described as being a tall man, he is naturally smaller than his opponent in this round. In order to counter that, he must rely on strategy and technique. He does have a wealth of experience and courage that could come in handy though.

Weapon: Andúril, the flame of the West (Sword)


The Ebony Warrior

Not much is known about this illusive swordsman. As a Redguard from Hammerfell, he is certainly no easy opponent. Redguards are said to be among the most naturally gifted warriors in all of Tamriel, and this particular foe is said to be especially tough to defeat for even the most skilled of fighters. He is skilled and powerful, but perhaps a bit slow on his feet. Will Aragorn finally grant him that place in the halls of Sovngarde by defeating him in combat? It is time to decide!

Weapon: Ebony Sword

Who will win and advance to the next round? cast your vote in the poll here: