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The Fictional Fights -  Semi Final 1 (Warrior)

This Week: Geralt of Rivia vs. Wolverine

Who is the greatest fictional warrior? Every story has its own heroes and villains, but who is actually the most powerful? It’s something we have often discussed with worrying passion during lunch breaks, so we thought it was time for the best of the best to duel. We have divided the contestants into three categories: Warriors(no magic attacks), Mages and Rogues, and you decide who makes it to the finals, by voting in our weekly facebook-poll. Gather around and ready yourself for an epic battle, as we begin with the Warrior-class.

The Tournament so far...

Round 1 Warriors:

Aragorn defeated The Mountain

The Ebony Warrior defeated Lagertha

Geralt defeated Jon Snow

Wolverine defeated Knight Artorias


Class: Warriors (No magic allowed) All fighters in their prime.

Geralt of Rivia:

The White Wolf is a skilled and experienced fighter with plenty of tricks up his sleeve, but he will not be able to use magic in this tournament, which means that he will have to rely on his sword - one of them at least. He has trained his swordsmanship since he was a child in the School of the Wolf at Kaer Morhen, where he was tutored by his mentor Vesemir. He is cunning, cynical and usually well-prepared for his fights. He is up against another formidable wolf in this epic fight though..

Weapon: Sword. Silver for monsters, steel for fools..



This renowned, powerful and ferocious mutant antihero is not an easy opponent for anyone. He might not be as protected by armor as his opponent, but he is very durable and has a high level of stamina. And those famous claws are not to be trifled with, even though they are perhaps a little lacking in terms of reach. Canadians might be very polite, but this guy won’t be sorry if he can beat Geralt and advance to the finals of Fictional Fights.

Weapon: You probably guessed it: Those epic Adamantium claws.

Let the Fictional Fights begin!

UPDATE: Voting has begun here: https://www.facebook.com/PlayerWonInfotainment