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The Fictional Fights -  Round 1 Fight 3 (Rogues)

This Week: Aloy vs Legolas

Who is the greatest fictional fighter? Every story has its own heroes and villains, but who is actually the most powerful? It’s something we have often discussed with worrying passion during lunch breaks, so we thought it was time for the best of the best to duel. We have divided the contestants into three categories: Warriors(No Magic Attacks), Mages (Only Magic) and Rogues(No Guns), and you decide who makes it to the Grand Finals, by voting in our weekly facebook-poll. Gather around and ready yourself for an epic battle, as we move on to the arts of subterfuge, sneaking, acrobatics and cunning. It os time for the Rogues to shine. The category of the charming, strong and deadliest men and women in the history of fiction.

Aloy vs Legolas

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Previously on Fictional Fights:

We have been through the first round in Warriors and Mages, and we've seen a fair amount of epic fights so far. Now is the chance for the advancing contestants to recover with some food, ale and merrymaking around the campfire. They will see action soon enough again, when we reach the semi-finals of the Fictional Fights Tournament. We cannot wait to find out who will advance into the Grand Finals.

  • Rogues so far:

  • Fight 1: Arya won against Jack Sparrow

  • Fight 2: Ezio won against Black Widow

THIS WEEK: Rogues Round 1 Fight 3 (No Guns):

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn):

This legendary machine hunter and expert marksman usually plans out her fights very well. She is acrobatic, fast and uses her surroundings to her advantage. She is a master of crafting and utilizing traps, like a true rogue, and she is incredibly determined to bring down even the largest and most resilient foes. Fighters do not come much more skilled than this.

Legolas(Lord of the Rings)

Good old Greenleaf, our beloved prince of the Woodland Realm. He is usually favoring the bow, but he is also deadly with a dagger. As one of the Sindar, also known as the Grey Elves, he is extremely fast, acrobatic and cunning, and he usually anticipates the next move of his opponent. He is an experiences fighter, who has faced many menacing foes on his adventures. Let us see how he does in this fight!

Let the Fictional Fights begin!

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