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Semi-Final 1 - Epic Team Battle (Champions League Edition)

Inter Milan 2009-2010 vs AC Milan 2002-2003

Champions League has given us some really epic moments. The miracle of Istanbul, United’s last-minute victory over Bayern, and also in this seasons where the major comebacks have been standing in line. But what is the most epic team since the start of Champions League? Tough to answer, because most teams have had their eras at different times. You can help us decide in this epic team battle where we’re putting 8 of the best Champions League teams against each other. Only criteria are this: the team needs to have won at least one Champions League title since the 92–93 season, so no European Cup’s is taking into consideration.

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Some we've arrived at the semi-finals and the first one is an all Italian match up. Inter won a staggering victory against the 98/99 Manchester United team with 88% of the votes in our Facebook poll. AC Milan also won fairly comfortable against the oldest team of the bunch, 94/95 Ajax Amsterdam, with 65% of the votes.

Inter Milan 2009–2010:

Back when Mourinho was still the special one, he coached this fantastic Internazionale team. Very solid foundation in the back with an all Argentinian-Brazillian defensive line, where it’s hard to say which was better. This was also a team with Sneijder and Milito at the peak in their career, and as a tactician, this was definitely when Mourinho was at an all-time high. On their way to the final, where they beat Bayern Munich with 2–0, they went through Chelsea, CSKA Moscow and Barcelona, after finishing behind the latter in the group stage.

Titles: Also a treble for this Inter team with Serie A, Champions League and Coppa Italia.

Key Player Samuel Eto’o

Captain: Javier Zanetti

Manager: José Mourinho

Ideal Lineup:

AC Milan 2002-2003:

Carlo Ancelotti was the coach of this epic Italian team, and the stars are really lining up. As always with Italian teams, they were a good tactical side and very structured in defense with people like Paolo Maldini and Alessandro Nesta. Of course, this Milan team also included the living legend, Andrea Pirlo, who later joined exactly Juventus, the team that Milan beat in the Champions League final on penalty. Also up front, they were deadly with Andriy Shevchenko, Filippo Inzaghi and Rivaldo. An abundance of quality and Rivaldo even started the finale on the bench, and is therefore also missing the ideal lineup:

Titles: Champions League and Coppa Italia

Key Player: Andrea Pirlo

Captain: Paolo Maldini

Manager: Carlo Ancelotti

Ideal Lineup:

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