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Quarter-Final 4 - Epic Team Battle (Champions League Edition)

Bayern Munich 2012-2013 vs Real Madrid 2016-2017

Champions League has given us some really epic moments. The miracle of Istanbul, United’s last-minute victory over Bayern, and also in this seasons where the major comebacks have been standing in line. But what is the most epic team since the start of Champions League? Tough to answer, because most teams have had their eras at different times. You can help us decide in this epic team battle where we’re putting 8 of the best Champions League teams against each other. Only criteria are this: the team needs to have won at least one Champions League title since the 92–93 season, so no European Cup’s is taking into consideration.

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Bayern Munich 2012-2013:

Jupp Heynckes lead this team to victories in all tournaments only losing a total of 3 matches over the entire season — an amazing feat. Most memorable from this team is definitely the wings, where Robben and Ribéry alike set new standards of how to dribble with the ball, and with offensive backs as good as Alaba and Lahm was at this point, they were pretty much unbeatable. It’s not that they weren’t tested in Champions League, it wasn’t lucky draws all the way through the knockout phase. Arsenal, Juventus and Barcelona were the opponents, and they even managed an aggregate victory of a whopping 7–0 against Barcelona in the semi-final.

Titles: Everything imaginable. Bundesliga, Champions League, DFB-Pokal, DFL-Supercup. They even won the unnoticed Telekom Cup, a pre-season friendly tournament featuring the 4 biggest teams in Germany.

Key Player: Frank Ribéry

Captain: Philipp Lahm

Manager Jupp Heynkes

Ideal Lineup:

Real Madrid 2016-2017:

This is the newest team in our battle, but you can’t really get around this Real Madrid team. This team was part of the amazing achievement of winning not two, but three Champions League trophies in a row. No team has ever done that before or since. This team of course evolved around Christiano Ronaldo as it’s number one star, but the whole team is just an abundance of talent stretching all the way to the bench. Luka Modric and Toni Kroos also deserve a mention, because they were the hart of the fast-paced transitions that characterized this Zidane team.

Titles: La Liga, Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and Fifa Club World Cup.

Key Player: Christiano Ronaldo

Captain: Sergio Ramos

Manager: Zinedine Zidane

Ideal Lineup:

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