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No one will win the Iron Throne and here is why..

Game Over.

WARNING: Time top stop reading if you have not watched up to Season 8 Episode 5

The end is here. It is hard to believe that we finally arrived at the conclusion of this epic tale. Many of us has been following this cultural phenomenon since 2011, and in a few hours it will be over. Whether you liked the end or not, you have to admit, the journey was extraordinary. It is time to gather around the fire and tell stories, drink ale and sing songs before the long Game of Thrones-less night comes.

Who will win the Iron Throne, and who will live to tell the tale? Here is what we think will happen:

The Last ever weekly power rank: Who will win the Iron Throne?

1. No one

At this point, is it not the most likely outcome? The only one who really wants it, is not going to rule the seven kingdoms after what she did in the penultimate episode. We believe that Dany will suffer the same fate as her father, and the Mad Queen will fall in the finale. Possibly by the hands of Jon Snow. Subsequently a new era will arrive: an era of Democracy. The power might very well be shared between many of the few surviving characters, and Tyrion could finally prove his worth by assisting ushering in this change. We believe the Iron throne itself, and its' bloody history, will come to an end.

2. Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen) - Does he want it: No. But he also did not truly want to be Lord Commander nor King in the North. He has the love and support of many - Including Sansa, and he might have to take it from Dany for the greater good. Is it too much of a happy end though? Most likely yes.

3. Bran Stark (Three-Eyed Raven) - Does he want it: Not in the traditional sense. But it seems he wants to preserve Westeros and guard its history, and if the road to that aspiration passes through the Iron Throne, that could come into play. The whole Three-Eyed Raven plot has yet to really pay off, and this could be why. Beware a plot twist around Bran. Something fishy is going on.

4. Sansa Stark - Does she want it: Not really. But if Jon dies(again - come on Jon) or refuses to grasp the Iron Throne, we believe Sansa would try to take it for herself. She really does not want Dany on the throne, and she will do whatever it takes to protect the north. Even if it means going back to Kings Landing and dealing with the matter herself.

5. Daenerys Targaryen - Does she want it: YES! It is all she wants. But another Mad ruler on the throne would be quite an underwhelming storyline. If this happens, we are back where all the conflict around the Iron Throne started, without having learned anything. There is a chance though. We do not yet know how Dany will react to her own actions in the last episode. She could have a change of heart - but surely it would be too late..right?

6. Tyrion Lannister - Does he want it: Not really. Now that Cersei is defeated, there is a conflict between Dany and Jon coming. If neither are able, or willing, to win the throne, he could be put there (perhaps with the support of Jaime if he is alive against all odds - crazier things have happened.) It would be for the good of the realm. And a great way for him to drink and know things until the end of his days - although he mostly just drinks lately to be fair.

7. Arya Stark - Does she want it: No. But Gendry could come into play here. He is now the Lord of Storm's End, and he does have a claim, being the bastard of Robert Baratheon and all that. Perhaps they would take it together. We find this ending quite unlikely, but enough people could die for this constellation to come into play.

8. Samwell Tarley - Does he want it: No. And we might have already seen the last of him, Gilly and little Sam. But would he not be a good king? Game of Thrones will not have a fairytale ending, so this will not happen. But we could all need a bit of light in the very dark world of ice and fire we have all come to love (and lately be frustrated with) - Samwell the Kind would be a pleasant end. Even if it remains a fantasy.

Here is our top questions for the last episode:

Are Jaime and Cersei really dead?

We did not see them die, which in Game of Thrones usually means that they will be back. But what purpose would that serve? Perhaps it was truly the end of their.. alternative love story.

What was the point of the Three-Eyed Raven plotline?

Bran has to offer more to the story than creepy stares and anecdotes about the origins of his wheelchair. Was he really just Night King bait? We sure hope his storyline will have greater purpose. What is the point of being all-knowing if you don't tell anyone anything useful?

Where is Arya going, and what will she do?

Arya absolutely has an essential part to play in the finale - but is she really done with killing? We will know in a few hours.

Who will kill Dany?

Her own dragon? Jon? Arya? The Kingslayer crawling out of the rubble? Varys from beyond the grave? Tyrion? It is a "Pick a number" scenario for sure. We cannot wait to see how that plays out.

Will Jon die after doing what he was sent back to do?

Just as Gandalf was sent back to help our heroes succeed in their time of need in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, so could Snow move on to the afterlife after he finishes what the Lord of Light brought him back to do. It happened to Berrick Dondarrion, and it could very well happen to Jon as well.

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Enjoy the finale everyone!