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Let's play: Fantasy Premier League GW25

The first game week with double rounds is past us, and the managers that opted for Salah over Mané is probably feeling quite good right now. This week Liverpool takes on Southampton, but with Mané out, no one can stop Salah from stealing the show. There's also some clashes against the top teams when Leicester takes on Chelsea and Spurs is up against Man City. It's gonna be exciting to see who gets out on top.

Below you'll find my pick of this week's ones to watch.

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Goalkeeper: Dubravka 5.0m (Newcastle)

Despite being in 14th place Newcastle has managed 6 clean sheets so far, and home against Norwich is a good opportunity to make that 7. Dubravka is the keeper with the 4th highest point total and he has played full time in every game this season.

Defender: Baldock 5.1m (Sheffield Utd)

Sheffield Utd has had an incredible defense this season with 8 clean sheets and only 23 goals conceded. Truly amazing. Baldock has been a big part of that and with 2 goals and 4 assists he has also contributed offensively.

Midfielder: Salah 12.6m (Liverpool)

Salah is showing great form at the moment with 3 goals and 2 assists in the last 5 games, and he could easily have scored more in the mid-week game against West Ham. With Mané injured a lot more responsibility is gonna fall on Salah.

Attacker: Wilson 7.4m (Bournemouth)

Wilson hasn't had a great season so far with only 6 goals and a couple of injuries. He did, however, manage to get one in against Brighton last game week, so perhaps there's a turnaround waiting for him and Bournemouth in the games too come.

Lineup for the next game week:

My triple captain chip did not pay out as planned last game week where Mané went off the pitch injured after only 30 minutes. I, therefore, need to shake things up, so I'm using 2 transfers this game week, where Salah and Wilson get transferred in over Mané and Abraham who are both injured. Salah is my pick for captain making the final lineup look like this:

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