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Let's play: Fantasy Premier League GW26

Because of the winter break, a split game week is upon us with matches spanning 10 days, but that also means all players should be well-rested and teams will be in the strongest possible lineup. All teams are in action both this game week and the following, but it might not be too early to look ahead for GW28 where only 16 teams are in action.

Below you'll find my pick of this week's ones to watch.

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Goalkeeper: Henderson 5.1m (Sheffield Utd)

Sheffield Utd got two home games in a row against Bournemouth and Brighton, so even though they aren't playing in game week 28, it could still make sense to secure another Sheffield Utd player. With 9 clean sheets in this season, Henderson could be a good call.

Defender: Stephens 4.4m (Southampton)

The Southampton defense hasn't been that great this season letting in 46 goals, but if you regard the 9 goals conceived against Leicester as an outlier, it could make sense to look towards Southampton for a new defender. Southampton also got two home games in the next two game weeks against Burnley and Aston Villa.

Midfielder: De Bruyne 10.7m (Man City)

De Bruyne is an absolute must-have this season with 7 goals and 17 assists. Man City was defeated in their last game against Spurs, partially due to a red card for Zinchenko, but even at 10 men, they dominated stats and De Bruyne played a very good game. This game week they're up against West Ham, who is not looking convincing at the moment.

Attacker: Jiménez 7.7m (Wolves)

Jiménez and Wolves didn't get a goal in their last game against Man Utd, but before that Jiménez was in good shape with 3 goals over 2 matches. Wolves got Leicester this game week and Norwich in the following, both at home.

Lineup for the next game week:

Lundstram (Sheffield Utd) seems to have lost his spot in the starting lineup to the newly arrived Norweigian wonderkid, Berge, so he's out and in comes Stephens (Southampton). De Bruyne is my pick for captain despite Salah's very strong appearance in the last 2 games. The final lineup look like this:

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