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Let's play: Fantasy Premier League GW24

Liverpool has an even bigger lead after last game week, where Fernandinho's own goal secured a late equalizer for Crystal Palace against Man City, and since Leicester also disappointed when they couldn't win against Burnley.

This game week everyone is preparing for Liverpool's double game week where especially the Triple Captain chip could come into play for a lot of managers.

Below you'll find my pick of this week's ones to watch.

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Goalkeeper: Guaita 5.1m (Crystal Palace)

Crystal Palace got 2 consecutive home games in the coming game weeks, and with their impressive defensive record in mind, you might wanna look towards the Eagles if you find yourself in need of a keeper. Only 26 goals conceded this season is impressive and actually fourth best in the league.

Defender: van Dijk 6.4m (Liverpool)

With a goal in the last game van Dijk is looking very good and 7 clean sheets in a row for Liverpool is just so impressive, that it's definitely time to bring in some Liverpool defender's if they aren't already in your team.

Midfielder: Trossard 5.8m (Brighton)

4 starts in a row and 1 goal and 1 assist as a result is not that bad for a Brighton midfielder. With a game against the absolutely worst performing team of the league (Bournemouth), Trossard is looking rather good at only 5.8m.

Attacker: Firmino 9.4m (Liverpool)

Definitely not the most scoring attacker in the league but two games make the price of 9.4m seem reasonable. On top of that, there's also the chance for assists, so he definitely could prove worth it.

Lineup for the next game week:

Doherty (Wolves) has to go, not because he has played bad, but because I need the funds to transfer in van Dijk (Liverpool). Mané (Liverpool) is my pick for captain with the Triple Captain chip played. Only thing left to do is hope he's gonna start both games. The final lineup look like this:

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