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Let's play: Fantasy Premier League GW16

Two consecutive game weeks with just 1 day in between and now we're already at it again. In game week 14, Man City stumbled against Newcastle, while Liverpool managed 6 points in their two games, so now the gap is bigger than ever. Arsenal sacked Emery but without much effect. 1 point in the first two games with Ljungberg in charge is not impressive when the opposition has been Norwich and Brighton.

Game week 16 puts Man City against Man Utd in an exciting match, and Leicester is playing away against an Aston Villa team that has had a tough schedule lately but have played very well. Will Leicester keep on winning or can Aston Villa stop them?

Below you'll find my pick of this week's ones to watch.

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Goalkeeper: Guaita 5.0m (Crystal Palace)

Crystal Palace is admittedly not playing as well as they were at the start of the season, but they don't let in many goals, and their form is improving with two wins and clean sheets in the last two games. This week it's Watford and next week they take on Brighton at home, so perhaps they can keep on improving.

Defender: Willems 4.6m (Newcastle)

Willems is a nice attacking left-back and has managed 2 goals and 2 assists so far this season - one of each in the last 2 games. As long as Ritchie (Newcastle) is out with an injury, Willems looks like a sure starter.

Midfielder: Alli 8.6m (Spurs)

Alli is a totally transformed player since Mourinho took over, and it looks like the "old" Alli is back. 5 goals and 1 assist in the last 7 games is impressive, and with only a little over 300.000 managers having him in their team, this could be a differentiator that makes your team outperform the others.

Attacker: Maupay 5.8m (Brighton)

Maupay is favored on top by Potter, but the goal total so far is only 5. He did however scored the late match-winner against Arsenal last week, and Brighton's fixtures look manageable over the coming game weeks, so perhaps this is when Maupay starts to shine.

Lineups for the coming two Game Weeks

Wan-Bissaka and Man Utd haven't been performing as I'd hoped, so he gets a transfer and in comes Willems (Newcastle). Newcastle is playing well, and their upcoming fixtures looks good. My choice of Mané as captain last game week went so well, that he gets the pick again, making my final lineup look like this:

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