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Let's play: Fantasy Premier League GW29

Man City and Arsenal have two games this game week, so a lot of managers are probably trying to figure out how to best profit on that. Man City has it tough though with matches against Arsenal and Man Utd, but perhaps it could still make sense to get your hands on some Man City players?

Below you'll find my pick of this week's ones to watch.

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Goalkeeper: Henderson 5.2m (Sheffield Utd)

Sheffield Utd is playing home against a Norwich team that has only managed 0,89 goals per game this season. Henderson and the Sheffield Utd defense, on the other hand, has been rock solid, so this looks like another clean sheet for The Blades.

Defender: Doherty 6.2m (Wolves)

3 clean sheets, 2 assists and 1 goal is the total for Doherty in the last 4 games, and that is pretty impressive. Wolves are playing 4 of the bottom 6 teams in their next 4 games, so chances are he'll keep performing.

Midfielder: Saka 4.6m (Arsenal)

Even though he's playing wing-back, Saka is a very cheap option for a midfielder playing regularly. Arsenal's performance is picking up, also thanks to Saka, and with two games this game week, Saka is definitely someone to watch.

Attacker: Aqüero 11.9m (Man City)

After a goalscoring drought, Aqüero is finally back with two goals in the last two games in the FA Cup and Carabao Cup. He usually performs well against the other top-sides, so the big question is whether or not Guardiola will pick him for the starting line up both games this game week.

Lineup for the next game week:

My team looks okay for this game week and I don't have the funds to bring in the players that I want the most, so I'm saving the free transfer for next week. Salah is my pick for captain with Alexander-Arnold as backup, making my final lineup look like this:

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