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Learnings from Last Fantasy Premier League Season

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With the start of Premier League less then a week away, this is officially the time where I start to panic and change everything about my Fantasy team over and over again. But this year, I’m also determined to take some time and evaluate what went well last season, and what didn’t. I came out flying in the first half of the season, peaking at around 500th place, but then I somehow managed to make a lot of bad decisions, and when the season was over, I were down at 114.442. So how to improve? Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Make Transfers that Matter

For some reason, I spent a lot of time changing my defense because I didn’t want a lot of funds tied up in to many premium defenders. That was a mistake because, in order to score points on defenders from lower-ranked teams, they need of course some easy games (which I to some extent could account for) but also a lot of luck (which was harder to account for). So, what I basically did was wasting my free transfers on players where their point haul was more or less a gamble. What I’m gonna do this year is to sign more premium defenders, because that seems like a good place to get some value for you money, but also to care a little less about the defenders' schedule (regardless of the fact that they earn negative points on goals scored against their team). That allows me tocus my transfers on the big players, that can be named captain and can earn a lot of points.

Avoid Point Cost on Extra Transfers

Because I used a lot of my free transfers on defenders, I ended up paying for a lot of points for extra transfers in order to also make some changes in the front. And it wasn’t always to a player who scored more points, so with the point reduction for the transfer, this definitely wasn’t the best choice of action.

Plan Less

Last year I had team and transfers planned for the coming 5 or 6 game weeks, but it’s almost impossible to look that far ahead, especially when it comes to in-form players. Rather than sticking to a specific plan, I’m gonna sign the players that look to be early in a form peak. Hopefully, I can ride the upgoing curve with them.

Play Wildcard Early

This was one of the things I actually did well last year. I had an initial team that was perfect for the first 3 rounds, and then I played the wildcard in GW 4, where I could transfer in all the players that had started really well, but where I hadn’t anticipated it. This I’m gonna do again, and I think GW4 might be a good time to do it. Especially Man City’s program looks good from GW4.

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