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Game of Thrones: This Is Who Wins The Iron Throne (we think)

It is time for the beginning of the end...(The Final Season)

If you have not yet watched up to season 8 episode 4 you should stop reading now.

Can you believe that there are only two episodes left of the series that has been captivating the world since 2011? Winter has come and gone, and now it is time to answer the fundamental question of this epic tale that has been racing towards the end recently:

Who will win the Iron Throne?(please see our power rank later in this article)

Before we have that answer to that heated enquiry, There is one last battle for us to witness. The one that decides the future of Westeros. Who will survive the final war? One last time, we have been looking into the statistics and data of the previous seasons of Game of Thrones in order to predict which characters will fall before the end:

(Final?) Weekly Power Rank - Updated after Season 8 Episode 4

Who will win the Iron Throne?

1. Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen) - Does he want it: No. But he also did not truly want to be Lord Commander or King in the North. He has the love and support of many - Including Varys and Sansa. Is it too much of a happy end though? Probably.

2. Daenerys Targaryen - Does she want it: YES! It is all she wants. Her actions in this next episode will finally answer the biggest question of her young life: Will she become the mad queen she is in many ways destined to be, or will she break the wheel and become a benevolent ruler to unite the realm once and for all?

3. Sansa Stark - Does she want it: Not really. But if Jon dies(again) or refuses to grasp the Iron Throne, we believe Sansa would try to take it for herself. She really does not want Dany on the throne, and she will do whatever it takes to protect the north. Even if it means going back to Kings Landing.

4. Jaime Lannister - Does he want it: No. We do believe he would take it from his sisters cold dead hands if he had to though. The Kingslayer could once again step up in order to save the realm from a horrible and tyrannic ruler. But he would not like it..

5. Tyrion Lannister - Does he want it: Not really. If Cersei is defeated, and neither Dany or Jon are able to win the throne, he could be put there by Jaime. Maybe with Varys as his hand? It would be for the good of the realm. And a great way for him to drink and know things until the end of his days - although he mostly just drinks lately to be fair.

6. Cersei Lannister - Does she want it: Yes. We do not find a status quo very likely, but she could of course win the upcoming war. Game of Thrones has often been quite a bleak story, and Cersei winning the game would be a dark option. Would Jaime return to be by her side?

7. Arya Stark - Does she want it: No. But Gendry could come into play here. He is now the Lord of Storm's End, and he does have a claim, being the bastard of Robert Baratheon. Perhaps they would take it together. We find this ending rather unlikely, but enough people could die for this constellation to come into play.

8. Bran Stark (Three-Eyed Raven) - Does he want it: Not in the traditional sense. But it seems he wants to preserve Westeros and guard its history, and if the road to that aspiration passes through the Iron Throne, that could come into play. The whole Three-Eyed Raven plot has yet to really pay off, and this could be why. Beware a plot twist around Bran. Something fishy is going on.

9. Lord Varys - Does he want it: Well yes, he has implied that in the past. He might not desire the throne in the typical sense, but Varys wants what is best for the realm. Who knows what the political situation is after this episode?

10. Samwell Tarley - Does he want it: No. And we might have already seen the last of him, Gilly and little Sam. But would he not be a good king? Game of Thrones will not have a fairytale ending, so this will not happen. But we could all need a bit of light in the very dark world of ice and fire we have all come to love (and lately be frustrated with) - Samwell the Kind would be a pleasant end. Even if it remains a fantasy.

Who do you believe will take the Iron Throne?

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Enjoy the episode everyone!