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Game of Thrones: We want answers to these questions!

The plot armor thickens...

(Spoilers for Season 8 Episode 3)

We want answers Sam. Start reading.

Last week we got our two top death predictions right: We said goodbye to The Night King and Theon Greyjoy who was a good man - but in general more characters are still alive than we expected. We guess that minor characters like Tormund, Brienne and the Hound still have parts to play? Either way Tormund is going to be very happy to see that the big woman is still there.

Death predictions last week

This week we put our main focus on the Power Rank for the Iron Throne, as we do not expect many deaths in tonights' episode. We do hope to get some answers to these questions though!

Our Main Questions after last Episode:

How did Arya suddenly show up to kill the Night King?

It was a nice twist, but let us be fair. Where did she come from? How did she get there so fast? How did she make it past the wights and white walkers so easily?

How big is Danys' army now ?

How many survived the battle of Winterfell? Is it enough to take on Cersei, Euron and the Golden Company?

What is Cersei planning?

What is the point of hiring Bronn to assassinate Jaime and Tyrion? And would he do it? Also does Qyburn have any wildfire ready for the upcoming battle?

Will we be told the significance of certain supernatural things on the show?

How does Bran being the Three-Eyed Raven help anyone?

Why did Jon die and come back, when it has not played any part in the story since?

Will Arya's face swapping ability come into play in the endgame?

Let us know what you think here:


Weekly Power Rank - Who will win the Iron Throne?

1. Daenerys Targaryen - Does she want it: Yes.

2. Jon Snow - Does he want it: Unclear.. But mostly no.

3. Cersei Lannister - Does she want it: Yes.

4. Euron Greyjoy - Does he want it: probably if given the chance.

5. Tyrion Lannister - Does he want it: No. But he could be a good solution.

6. Sansa Stark - Does she want it: Unclear. She will probably do whatever is best for the north.

7. Samwell Tarley - Does he want it: No. But he would probably be a great choice.

8. Lord Varys - Does he want it: well yes, he has implied that in the past.

9. Arya Stark - Does she want it: No. But Gendry could come into play here.

10. Jaime Lannister - Does he want it: No. He might have to take it from his sister though.

Who will die this week? We do not believe this episode will hold many deaths, but here is what the numbers say: Our data based algorithm has spoken: These are the characters we are most likely to say farewell to in this weeks' episode (Percentage = Risk of Death)

The rest of the list:

Qyburn 28 %

Euron Greyjoy 27 %

Jamie Lannister 25 %

The Hound 24 %

Tyrion Lannister 20 %

Brienne of Tarth 19 %

Tormund Giantsbane 19 %

Sansa Stark 16 %

Ser Davos Seaworth 15 %

Ilyn Payne 15 %

Cersei Lannister 10 %

Meera Reed 9 %

Lord Varys 8 %

Daario Naharis 8 %

Gilly 8 %

Jon Snow 6 %

Bran Stark 6 %

The Mountain 5 %

Daenerys Targaryen 5 %

Missandei 2 %

Bronn 2 %

Samwell Tarly 2 %

Grey Worm 2 %

Arya Stark 2 %

Gendry 1 %

Podrick Payne 1 %

Yara Greyjoy 1 %

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Enjoy the episode everyone!