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Fantasy Premier League GW7: Chelsea or go bust!

I don't think I was the only manager who was more than frustrated when Sterling (Man City) didn't start against Watford. He was the most-captained player and the game looked like a slaughter even in advance. It was a little comforting that Ward (Crystal Palace) turned out to be an almost fantastic transfer, but he got an assist rather than a goal and Crystal Palace threw away their clean sheet with only seconds to go, so he had to settle for 6 points.

This game week it Man Utd against Arsenal on Monday, and both Liverpool and Chelsea have relatively easy games against Sheffield Utd and Brighton. Man City is away against Everton which will probably prove to be more of a challenge than their last game.

Even though I picked the wrong captain, my team ended up with an okay round where they advanced a bit both in the overall league and in the player won league. At 34th place, it's still a long way to the top where ATeam20 sits heavy on the throne. Below you'll find our picks of this game weeks' ones to watch.

Player Won. Overall Points: 295. Overall Rank: 3.653.834

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Goalkeeper: Schmeichel 5.0m (Leicester)

Leicester is playing home against Newcastle, which is tied for last place when it comes for goals scored this season. They're at 0.67 goals per game together with Watford and Crystal Palace. Leicester, on the other hand, is tied for first together with Liverpool when it comes to goals conceded letting in only 5 goals in 6 matches.

Defender: Pereira 6.0m (Leicester)

Pereira is a fantastic player which he showed throughout most of last season, and with a goal, in his last game against Spurs, he's showing good form. He definitely has his strengths in the offensive part of the game, so there could be points for clean sheet, assist and goal up for grabs when Leicester takes on Newcastle.

Midfielder: Mount 6.6m (Chelsea)

I think Mount surprised almost everyone this season, and 3 goals in 6 matches are definitely not bad for a midfielder. So even though Chelsea is struggling a bit, they are scoring plenty of goals, and offensive players like Mount could still be a good option.

Attacker: Abraham 7.5m (Chelsea)

I advised against Abraham a few game weeks ago, and he got back at me my by scoring a hattrick the following game. So not that sound advice, and hopefully, this will be better. He played very well in the start of the season, but without scoring, and then he put in 7 goals in 3 games. So the fact that he didn't score in the last game against Liverpool shouldn't matter. He got into some good positions, and with Chelsea's relatively easy schedule in the next 6 game weeks, this is the time to transfer in Abraham, if he's not already in your team.

Lineup for this Game Week

Mané suffered a minor injury in his last game but should return to training Thursday. He has been playing really well, but I've had a plan of transferring him out in GW 8 or 9, leaving me totally Liverpool-free, but if it's a time to do it, it's now. Liverpool schedule from GW8 is Leicester (H), Man Utd (A), Spurs (H), Aston Villa (A), Man City (H). Scarry opponents, besides Aston Villa of course, but even that game is away. I'm hoping my money will be better spent somewhere else, even if I push the transfer to this game week. Liverpool has an easy game, but I'm guessing Klopp will rest Mané before Liverpool's mid-week Champions League game, even though it's not typically his style. With Mané out, I can transfer in Mount (Chelsea) and Abraham (Chelsea), making the final lineup looks like this:

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