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Fantasy Premier League GW9: Yarmolenko to outshine Everton

Game Week 9 is upon us after the nationals break, and this time we have a Man Utd vs Liverpool clash to look forward to. Last game week was full of surprises as Man City lost to Wolves, Man Utd last to Newcastle and Spurs lost away against Brighton. It's gonna be interesting to see how they'll respond to that.

The player won league is settling in, and it's still ATeam20 in front though it's with only 17 point to The Jaguars in second place. The player won team managed to move up a bit and is now 34th in the league and just below 3m. in the overall rank. Below you'll find our picks of this game weeks' ones to watch.

Player Won. Overall Points: 394. Overall Rank: 2.976.817

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Goalkeeper: Patricio 5.1m (Wolves)

Wolves are finding their footing after a tough start with a tight schedule and home against Southampton chances are good for a clean sheet. Wolves are playing Newcastle next week, so perhaps a good time to transfer in Patricio.

Defender: Pereira 6.2m (Leicester)

At 6.2 Pereira is not the cheapest option, which may be why only 10.5% of all managers have him in their team. Still with two goals in 8 games so far this season, he should definitely be on anyone's shortlist.

Midfielder: Yarmolenko 6.0m (West Ham)

Yarmolenko started strong last season but got much of the season ruined by injuries. This season he started with some smaller injuries but has really been in good form after starting in regularly with 3 goals in 5 games. This week it's at Goodison Park, which on paper should be a tough match, but Everton has not performed well this season.

Attacker: Jiménez 7.1m (Wolves)

After two assist in the last game against Man City, Jiménez could be finding back to a better form along with the rest of the Wolves team. He's only scored two and made two assists so far this season, but home against Southampton it should be possible to add on. Southampton has let in almost two goals per game.

Lineup for this Game Week

I'm making two transfers. Out goes Zinchenko (Man City) and Trossard (Brighton) and in comes Pereira (Leicester) and Yarmolenko (West Ham). Hopefully, De Bruyne will start in spite of his smaller injury, otherwise, H. Wilson (Bournemouth) will take his place. I'm giving Mount (Chelsea) the captain duty with Jiménez (Wolves) as backup.

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