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Fantasy Premier League GW8: You can't tame Abraham!

So, Game Week 8 is fastly approaching and it looks like there could be some easy points up for grabs. There's no clash between the top 6 teams, and many of them have relatively easy fixtures. Arsenal is up against Bournemouth which usually means a lot of goals, Chelsea is facing Southampton away, and Man City taking on Wolves at home. Last time they met an underperforming team at Etihad, was when Watford was demolished 8-0. It's gonna be exciting to see what's gonna happen this week.

In the player won league my team is still struggling at 37th place, and despite a week below average ATeam20 is still in front with a little over 20 points, but Pique Blinders is in form and moving fast towards the top. Below you'll find our picks of this game weeks' ones to watch.

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Goalkeeper: Ederson 6.1m (Man City)

Man City's schedule is really easy over the next many game weeks, but first they're up against Wolves at home. What before the season looked like a tough match for Man City is now looking more like a blowout. Man City is showing strong form and Wolves is struggling to find the net. Ederson could be 6 secure points from now until game week 12.

Defender: Lundstram 4.5m (Sheffield Utd)

Too me this match looks like it's gonna have very few goals. Watford has scored 4 and Sheffield Utd has scored 7 before this game, where both teams could be satisfied with the draw. Or maybe Lundstram can even put one in and become man-of-the-match as he did in GW2 against Crystal Palace.

Midfielder: Sterling 12.1m (Man City)

Rested in the mid-week Champions League game, Sterling should be a sure starter against Wolves, but I'll admit it wouldn't be the first time I couldn't predict Guardiola's rotations. Still, if De Bruyne doesn't start because of his injury, he's probably not also gonna rest Sterling for the second game in a row.

Attacker: Haller 7.4m (West Ham)

Home agianst Crystal Palace looks like a good opportunity for Haller to get back to his scoring ways. Besides their embarrassing Carabao exit to Oxford, West Ham is showing fine form, so even though Crystal Palace has been strong in defence, I'm counting on him to earn some points.

Lineup for this Game Week

I'm not using any transfers this round because my team looks strong enough, and I wanna save it for next week. De Bruyne (Man City) and Wan-Bissaka (Man Utd) could be out due to injuries, but if one of them doesn't play H. Wilson (Bournemouth) will be my sub. I've favored Sterling as captain... again. Let's hope he doesn't make me regret it. My final lineup looks like this:

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