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Fantasy Premier League GW4

Spurs and Man United had a very disappointing game week with home defeats against Newcastle and Crystal Palace. Rashford (Man Utd) missed a penalty and the managers with him in the lineup was rewarded with 0 points for their effort. Pukki (Norwich) almost stole the show against Chelsea, but thanks to 2 goals from Abraham, Chelsea managed to get out on top.

39 players have now joined the player won league, and even though our team advanced a bit, we're still scrambling around 30th place. A lot of good managers in the mix, where IsMayoAnInstrument is now in the lead. Below you'll find our picks of this game weeks' ones to watch.

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Goalkeeper: Dubravka 5.0m (Newcastle)

Newcastle has conceded 4 goals in the first 3 Premier League Matches even though they have been up against Arsenal and Spurs. They're playing home against Watford this game week, who has only scored once so far in the season.

Defender: Emerson 5.5m (Chelsea)

Emerson has played full time in the first 3 games but hasn't got a lot to show for it. Home against Sheffield United should be less of a challenge, even though Sheffield has actually played very well so far.

Midfielder: Wilson 6.0m (Bournemouth)

Wilson has only played 128 minutes so far but has still managed 1 goal in each of the two matches he's been involved in. I imagine he'll be starting this week against Leicester, and then we'll see if he can't get that left foot sparkling again.

Attacker: Vardy 8.9m (Leicester)

Vardy got a goal in last week against Sheffield United, and home against Bournemouth he could very well build on top of that. Leicester is playing Man Utd in GW5, but Vardy has a good record against the top 6 teams.

Lineup for GW4

Martial (Man Utd) has been ruled out of their game against Southampton, so I'm transferring him out on behalf of Wilson (Bournemouth). Sterling takes the armband again because I think Liverpool will have their hands full away against Burnley.

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