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Fantasy Premier League GW37: Putting our faith in Milivojevic!

Player won is doing a let’s play with our Fantasy Football Premier League team. Follow us for the latest recommendations in fantasy football and much more. We’re playing the official game found here (https://fantasy.premierleague.com/).

player won team: Big Daddy’s House. Overall Points: 2164. Overall Rank: 90.125

Last week: Following two very good weeks, our team performed around average. The absence of Salah (Liverpool) and Mané (Liverpool) was noticeable, but luckily Robertson (Liverpool) as captain pulled his weight, and with Man City only squeezing a 1-0 victory against Burnley, average was all we could really hope for. The league is almost at an end with only two rounds to go, so we really need to step up and make the most of them. Here's our pick of this weeks ones-to-watch:

Keeper: Leno (Arsenal) 4.9m

Despite having conceded 6 goals in 2 matches we think Leno is the safe choice of a keeper. Arsenal is playing Brighton and Burnley in the next two matches, both teams that haven't scored that many goals this season. While Burnley is guaranteed another season in Premier League, Brighton could still be relegated, but Arsenal also really need every point they can get in order to secure a place in Champions League.

Defender: Doherty (Wolves) 5.3m

What a season for Doherty. With 4 goals and 6 assists he's a big part of Wolves brilliant performance this season, and home against Fulham, Doherty should have plenty of room to be the decisive player for Wolves. We keep on expecting Wolves to slow down, but they never do, and even though Fulham has actually performed well since their relegation, Wolves is bound to come out on top.

Midfielder: Milivojevic (Crystal Palace) 6.4m

When talking about players with an impressive season that haven't gotten their amount of praise, Milivojevic is definitely also worth to mention. His stats alone talk of amazing game. 12 goals and 2 assists, which makes him Crystal Palace topscorer, and that's pretty impressive for a central midfielder. Crystal Palace is playing away against Cardiff and with their physical style and Milivojevic's abilities in set pieces, he could very well be worth a lot of points.

Attacker: Calvert-Lewin (Everton) 5.4m

Perhaps Calvert-Lewin is finally fulfilling some of the great potential he has earlier shown. He's started in the last 9 games and scored 2 goals and made 3 assists, so we're not blown away, but the performances have been good as well. At 5.4m it's quite a bargain for a player in a good performing Everton team that's playing home against Burnley.

Player to Avoid: Moura (Spurs) 6.8m

Moura actually played an okay game against Ajax in the mid-week Champions League game, but Spurs as a team is looking tired. They have also had a very tight schedule in the last couple of months, and perhaps some players will be rested this weekend before the very important second leg away against Ajax. Son (Spurs) was suspended in the first leg, so he could slide into the starting eleven against Bournemouth, at the cost of Moura.

Our Team and Transfers:

Only about 10% of all fantasy football managers have Milivojevic (Crystal Palace) in their team, so we're gonna transfer him in, and hoping he can set us apart from the last 90%, because we're also naming him captain this week. The safer choice might have been Sterling (Man City), but you never know who might become a victim of Guardiola's rotations. Moura is out to make room for our new playing, and the team looks like this:

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