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Fantasy Premier League GW36: Robertson for the win

Player won is doing a let’s play with our Fantasy Football Premier League team. Follow us for the latest recommendations in fantasy football and much more. We’re playing the official game found here (https://fantasy.premierleague.com/).

player won team: Big Daddy’s House. Overall Points: 2095. Overall Rank: 66.827

Last week: Another good week for our team where the bench boost really gave a lot of points despite the fact that our two transfer was more or less wasted. We transferred out Ryan (Brighton) for Alisson (Liverpool) and even though Alisson earned the expected clean sheet, Ryan made a total of 12 points in the last game week. Here I'm not even mentioning the decision to bring in Ramsey (Arsenal) who later picked up an injury in the mid-week Napoli game and did therefore not even play. But we jumped up about 10.000 places, and are totally ready for the next week. Here's our pick of this weeks ones-to-watch:

Keeper: Lloris (Spurs) 5.4m

Lloris has been looking better and better these last couple of months, and home against West Ham, Spurs should have no problem winning and keeping a clean sheet. West Ham has gotten only 7 points in the last 8 games, so it doesn't seem like they're that motivated now a place in the middle of the table is a reality.

Defender: Robertson (Liverpool) 6.8m

6.8 is a lot for a defender, but Robertson seems to be worth it this season. 10 assists and 19 cleans sheets which makes him the defender with the highest number of points. Liverpool is playing Huddersfield, so Robertson or another Liverpool defender seems like a no brainer.

Midfielder: Redmond (Southampton) 5.4m

Yeah, we could have gone with another Liverpool player, but if money is tight then there could be good value in some Southampton players. Redmond has scored 5 and made 4 assists so far this season, and with games against Bournemouth, West Ham and Huddersfield in the last 3 game weeks, he could very well expand that statistic.

Attacker: Zaha (Crystal Palace) 6.8m

With a goal against Arsenal in the last game week, Zaha could be finding his way back to a goalscoring form. Crystal Palace's schedule over the last 3 game weeks will definitely allow it. Everton, Cardiff and Bournemouth do not seem that overwhelming, in spite of Everton's impressive 4-0 victory against Man Utd.

Player to Avoid: Pérez (Newcastle) 6.1m

Peréz has scored 4 goals in the last 2 matches and is up to 10 goals so far, that's a personal best in Premier League and Championship for him. We believe it's gonna end here, especially taking Newcastle's two next games into consideration. Brighton will likely defend with all they got to get a much-needed point in the relegation battle against Cardiff, and next week Newcastle is playing Liverpool.

Our Team and Transfers:

Two transfers are needed this game week, and since we haven't got any stored, we'll take the 4 point deduction... again. Hopefully, our transfers are gonna perform better than last week. We've been so bad at picking captains lately, so now we'll try something new. We're transferring in Robertson (Liverpool) instead of Cathcart (Watford) and making him captain. We're really counting on a clean sheet for Liverpool against Huddersfield, and maybe Robertson can even make an assist or two. The other transfer is Ramsay (Arsenal), both because he is injured, but also to free up funds to sign Robertson (Liverpool). Redmond (Southampton) will come in instead, making our team look like this:

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