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Fantasy Premier League GW35: Time for a Boost!

Player won is doing a let’s play with our Fantasy Football Premier League team. Follow us for the latest recommendations in fantasy football and much more. We’re playing the official game found here (https://fantasy.premierleague.com/).

player won team: Big Daddy’s House. Overall Points: 1995. Overall Rank: 87.936

Last week: Not at all a bad round. Moura (Spurs) and Sterling (Man City) provided a lot of points, which really made up for the horrible Brighton performance. 2 games at home and a total score of 0-7 says it all, and they did indeed not step up as we have hoped. But we still managed to climb a bit up the latter, and more importantly, our team is gonna be super-charged for the coming double rounds where we're gonna play the Bench Boost chip with almost an entire team of players with 2 games. Here's our pick of this weeks ones-to-watch:

Keeper: Alisson (Liverpool) 5.9m

Even though Liverpool is only playing two games, Alisson is still our choice as keeper for this round. Liverpool has a relatively easy away game against Cardiff, and next week its home against Huddersfield. This should be two easy wins with a clean sheet.

Defender: Cathcart (Watford) 4.5m

Watford is the team with two games that has the easiest schedule. Away against Huddersfield and home against Southampton will surely be worth some points. Cathcart has played almost every game this season, and he scores the occasional goal on header, so even though this isn't an attacking wing-back, he could still prove a good transfer.

Midfielder: Ramsey (Arsenal) 7.1m

Ramsay seems to be just on the verge of a really good form. He's scored some goals, but without shining completely, and that's why it could be the opportune moment to transfer him in. Arsenal is playing Crystal Palace and Wolves, so it's pretty tough competition, and Arsenal will have to bring their A-game if they don't want to be left behind by Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs.

Attacker: Aguero (Man City) 11.7m

We've done a lot of speculation about Guardiola's dispositions so far this season, and it hasn't always gone as planned, but that won't stop us from doing it again. Man City has two tough fixtures this game week against Spurs and Man Utd, so can Guardiola really afford the give Aguero a rest? On top of that, if there's one guy you want in those games it's exactly Aguero who always seems to step up in the important matches.

Player to Avoid: Pogba (Man Utd) 8.7m

2 games on penalty do not end a bad run and even though Man Utd squeezed a narrow 2-1 victory out of West Ham, their match against Barcelona showed that they are struggling a bit at the moment. The next 3 games are away against Everton and home against Man City and Chelsea, so for now, we're gonna avoid Pogba.

Our Team and Transfers:

The Bench Boost chip is hopefully gonna give a much-needed boost and with 14 players out of 15 playing two games we've definitely done what we can. We're gonna make 2 transfers. Ryan (Brighton) is out because Brighton did not look good in the last game week, and their schedule is much harder this game week. We're bringing in Alisson (Liverpool) instead. Camarasa (Cardiff) is also out despite his assist against Brighton, because Cardiff is playing against Liverpool this game week, and we're transferring in Ramsey (Arsenal) to take his place. Jimenez (Wolves) is our pick of captain. Could have been Aguero (Man City) instead, but we didn't wanna bet it all on Man City. This week's line up looks like this:

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