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Fantasy Premier League GW32: Chip time!

Player won is doing a let’s play with our Fantasy Football Premier League team. Follow us for the latest recommendations in fantasy football and much more. We’re playing the official game found here (https://fantasy.premierleague.com/).

player won team: Big Daddy’s House. Overall Points: 1833. Overall Rank: 39.400

Last week: The internationals make the last game week seems like forever ago, but we actually did pretty well. Akè turned out to be a good call for a transfer because even though Bournemouth let in 2 goals, he made an assist and scored 4 points total. Not great, but not bad considering it was a game week where a lot of people were struggling to find a whole lot of points.

Next week though looks very interesting. A total of 10 teams is playing two games, so this is definitely the opportune moment to take the lead of your personal leagues. But what to do exactly? We have already used our Freehit chip, which would have fitted perfectly for this round because our current team actual fits okay to GW33, where there's only 6 games instead of 10. That's also something to be aware of, if we want to use our Wildcard, then we need to transfer in a team that's also gonna work for the next round. Another thing to be aware of is that you can't play more than one chip at a time, and we really want to use the Triple Captain in this round where both Chelsea and Man City have, what looks like two very easy fixtures. Here's our pick of this weeks ones-to-watch:

Keeper: Ederson (Man City) 5.6m

Two games against Cardiff and Fulham is what Ederson and Man City is facing this game week, and even though Guardiola like to rotate, we think it's unlikely he'll do so on the keeper position when the league title is still up for grabs. Ederson could very well turn out to be worth two clean sheets when this game week is over.

Defender: Doherty (Wolves) 5.4m

With 3 goals and 6 assists so far this season, Doherty has a big share in Wolves' good season. Wolves are one of the teams playing twice, and Doherty is almost always in the starting line up when fit. One game is against Man Utd, so you probably can't expect two clean sheets, but as his stats show, Doherty can earn you points in other ways.

Midfielder: Hazard (Chelsea) 10.9m

It's been an emotional rollercoaster for Chelsea fans this season. After the 0-6 defeat against Man City, we for sure thought Sarri was gonna get sacked, but somehow he and Chelsea pulled through and started winning some matches. Chelsea is playing Cardiff and Brighton, and Hazard again looks like a guy in form with 3 goals in the two international games he's just played.

Attacker: Agüero (Man City) 11.8m

There's not been a lot of rotation in the Man City attack this season, so Agüero is probably a pretty safe bet for starting both matches. He wasn't called up for the Argentina squad so he's bound to be fit and well rested, so there's no reason he shouldn't be able to play both games this week, also since they're 3 days apart. He's definitely also in the running to be captain this week.

Player to Avoid: Salah (Liverpool) 13.3m

1 goal in the last 8 Premier League matches is all Salah has gotten out of his effort. The stats speak for itself, but when you watch him play, there's no reason to think he'll turn it around anytime soon. He seems to be making everything harder then it is. Liverpool has only one game this week and it's against Spurs, and no team can afford to have a 13.3m player, who's underperforming. He has to go!

Our Team and Transfers:

So, we want the most out of this round, but still not fail horribly in the next round. Since we don't have our Freehit chip anymore, and we really want to use the Triple Captain, the Wildcard is out too. Also with 2 substitutions, we can have 8 players playing two games this week, and still 11 players playing a game next week, so that's the solution we're going with. But who to transfer? As we wrote above, Salah has to go, and Mitrovic is miles away from his scoring form, so he's gone too. The optimal solution would be to bring in Hazard (Chelsea) and Agüero (Man City), but we simply do not have the funds. Therefore we're gonna go with Hazard and Higuain (Chelsea) because Chelsea is also playing next game week, which Man City isn't. But we're not putting all our eggs in one basket. Sterling will be our pick of captain because we think he's gonna play both games. Next weekend Man City is playing semi-finals in the FA Cup, which would be something you'd want your best players well rested for, if you were in Guardiola's shoes, but that fact that it's against Brighton and that they in no way can afford to slip in the Premier League makes us think that if he's gonna rest players, it's gonna be in the FA Cup and not the league. On top of that, Man City's next game is the quarter-finals in Champions League, another thing you want your best players well rested for.

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