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Fantasy Premier League GW26: West Ham to pick up the pace?

Player won is doing a let's play with our Fantasy Football Premier League team. Follow us for the latest recommendations in fantasy football and much more. We’re playing the official game found here (https://fantasy.premierleague.com/), but most advice can be used on other fantasy platforms as well.

player won team: Big Daddy’s House. Overall Points: 1574. Overall Rank: 10.846 (Top 0,1%).

Last week: Looking back at last week, we can’t help to think we did a lot of things right, but the outcome just wasn’t good enough. Ryan (Brighton) managed a clean sheet and Son (Spurs) scored the winning goal against Newcastle, but an obviously wrong choice of captain (Richarlison), and we still fall down a few places in the overall ranking even though the point haul was actually above the average.

Keeper: Patricio (Wolves) 4.5m

Wolves have really been a positive surprise this year. A current 7th place, letting in only 32 goals, which is less than both Man Utd and Arsenal. Patricio is a brilliant keeper, so much of this achievement is also because of him. The schedule the next 4 game weeks is easy enough, but after that Wolves is playing Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd, so if you go for Patricio make sure your other keeper has easier matches those weeks.

Defender: Cresswell (West Ham) 5.0m

West Ham’s schedule is finally clearing up a bit after some tough games against Arsenal, Liverpool, Wolves and Bournemouth, so this could be a good time to reclaim some transferred West Ham players. Cresswell has had a lot of the season ruined by injuries, but he is usually good for a lot of assists.

Midfielder: Anderson (West Ham) 7.1m

After a bit shaky start, Anderson really impressed all of us with some really nice goals. His form has declined recently, but it will pick up when the opposition over the next matches gets easier.

Attacker: Batshuayi (Crystal Palace) 6.5m

At 6.5m this seems like a freaking steal. After not initially getting his breakthrough at Chelsea, he’s at Palace for a loan deal, and we believe he’s gonna be a massive success. He’s bound to replace Ayew (Crystal Palace), who has not been playing well. Only 1 goal in 17 matches so far this season, and in the 8 minutes Batshuayi played in the last game, he already managed to get credited with an assist. We think he’s gonna start next match, and home against West Ham he could definitely be worth a lot of points.

Player to Avoid: Hazard (Chelsea) 10.9m

So even though he scored 2 in the last game, we still think you should stay away from Hazard. Chelsea is playing Man City away in the next match, and the game week after, Chelsea isn’t in the program because of FA cup reschedules, so if you don’t want 10.9 million to be wasted on the bench, then use it to transfer in another player.

Our Team and Transfers:

Hazard (Chelsea) has got to go. He’s just worth too much to be on the bench. We’re transferring in Anderson (West Ham), and hoping Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) will be ready for the upcoming fixture, otherwise, Digne (Everton) will take over. Salah got to be the obvious choice for captain, so that’s what we’re going with.

Line up for this game week

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