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Let's play: Fantasy Premier League GW10

Game Week 9 is over and I think a lot of managers had a tough time getting enough points to advance. 37 points were the average across all fantasy teams and only David Silva (Man City) from the top 6 teams managed to make the weekly dream team.

There's a lot of exciting fixtures in the upcoming game week. Spurs are visiting Liverpool and even though both teams managed a mid-week Champions League win, it's gonna be interesting to see if Spurs can improve from last week's game against Watford where they were lucky to even get a draw.

In player won league the top team for October is Rosie Doggy FC who has managed to advance to 7th place.

Below you'll find our picks of this game weeks' ones to watch.

Player Won. Overall Points: 394. Overall Rank: 2.976.817

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Goalkeeper: Ederson 6.1m (Man City)

Man City has two home fixtures over the next two game weeks. This week it's against Aston Villa and next week Southampton will visit Etihad. Aston Villa has been a positive surprise so far where they've scored an average of 1.67 goals per game. So, it's not a totally sure clean sheet, but two home games to Man City is something you need to take advantage of.

Defender: Kolasinac 5.4m (Arsenal)

Arsenal also has two home fixtures in the next to weeks, and even though the opponents look a bit better than Man City's, and even though they didn't look good in their last defeat against Sheffield Utd, I still think there could be some value in Kolasinac.

Midfielder: David Silva 7.6m (Man City)

David Silva was rested in the mid-week Champions League game, so I think he'll start on the pitch against Aston Villa. Aston Villa may have a good record with scoring goals, but they also concede a lot of goals. David Silva has scored 2 and made 5 assists, so at 7.6m this looks like a bargain.

Attacker: Ings 5.9m (Southampton)

With 3 goals in as many games, Ings is showing great form. Southampton doesn't have the easiest fixtures over the next weeks, but Ings has previously shown that he can score no matter the opponent.

Lineup for this Game Week

No transfers this week as I'm generally happy with my team. Crystal Palace has some tough fixtures up ahead, but so far I think I'll be able to manage without Ward (Crystal Palace).

I'm hoping De Bruyne will start for Man City, so he's my pick for captain. Final lineup looks like this:

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