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Fantasy Premier League GW1: Picking the Initial Squad

A new Premier League season has finally arrived, and I am excited. Last season I finished at around 114.442, which was the worst position I had all season. Talk about peaking early. Hopefully, I can improve that result this year.

I’m all for player an early wildcard. I did it last year with a lot of success, and I plan on doing it again. So this squad is gonna be ideal for the first 2 or 3 game weeks. It’s always hard to predict lineups and form, so the opportunity to quickly change my team seems appealing. Therefore I take some chances in my lineup, but if they all pay off, then I’ll, of course, have to evaluate whether the Wildcard will be necessary.

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First and foremost: I’m not gonna go with a premium pick on the goalkeeper position. I just can’t make any sense of it. You have to pick two keepers, no matter how expensive your first keeper is, so if you pick someone like Alisson (Liverpool) at 6.0m are you ever gonna bench him?! If not, you just wasted 4.0m on your second keeper. Also, if you bench your first choice, you now have a 6.0m keeper who's not playing. Neither seems very attractive. I’m gonna get 2 good keepers at 4.5m where I can alternate and go with whoever has the best fixture coming up. That way, I use both keeper spots, and I'll also have another 1.0m to use elsewhere in my team.

But who to pick? I’ve gone with Begovic (Bournemouth) because they have two of the promoted Championship teams in their first two games. The third game they're up against Man City, so here I’m gonna probably sub in Gunn (Southampton). I think he is gonna be Hassenhüttl’s preferred choice in goal this season.


Here is where I’m gonna pick some premium players - both Robertson (Liverpool) and Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) has made my team. Alexander-Arnold has admittedly had a little trouble with injuries last season.. without it, he definitely would have earned 200 points, so 7.0m each for 2 players that’ll hopefully make 200 points each is a bargain. That they’re placed in the defender category shouldn’t matter at all.

Alongside the two Liverpool backs, I’ve picked Femenia (Watford), Smith (Bournemouth) and Fredericks (West Ham). West Ham is playing Man City in their first game, but I’m not setting a team where all 15 players are gonna be in the lineup the first game week, so he'll be on the bench in GW1 and then I can sub him in later.


I had to pick Salah (Liverpool). Consecutive seasons as the player with the most points was all the convincing I needed. Who’s gonna play alongside him though? Here it gets more tricky. Zaha (Crystal Palace) and Pérez (Leicester) has moved from the attacker category to the midfielder category, so there’s definitely a chance they can improve their point total this time out. We don’t yet know how Pérez is gonna play under Rodgers, but he had a strong last season in Newcastle, and perhaps he can reach new heights in Leicester. Last two picks are Lanzini (West Ham) and Trossard (Brighton). Both have displayed themselves very well in the friendlies before the season, although they are a bit of a gamble. Lanzini was injured most of last season, and even when fit, he has a lot of competition in a very interesting West Ham squad. Trossard is a new signing, and perhaps he’ll need time to adapt to the Premier League, but as a club-record signing for Brighton, he’s definitely gonna play alot.


I usually favor using my money on midfielders rather than attackers, but this year I’m gonna start out a bit different. I’ve picked Aubameyang (Arsenal) because of Arsenals first 2 fixtures, and even though he burned me a bit last season with being rested in PL, there are no European games to interfere this early in the season. Supporting him, I’ve gone with Wilson (Bournemouth). He’s up 2.0m in price since the start of last season, but 8.0m is still cheap for a guy who scored 168 points playing only 2528 minutes last season. When Wilson is fit, he returns a lot at such a low price. Lastly, I’ve also chosen Ings (Southampton). I also favored him last season, but he ended up having a lot of last season ruined by injuries. He’s had a good pre-season thoug, so at 6.0m he’s a fine third option striker for sure.

Lineup for GW1

So, no Man City players in my team which may seem odd since I think of them as favorites to the title, but I don’t like their schedule the first 2–3 games, and there are so many unanswered questions that can get me caught on the wrong side of Guardiola’s rotation trap. The only players I really considered where Aguero, where I picked Aubameyang instead, and Sterling, where I picked Salah instead. If I could have squeezed in Bernardo Silva I probably would, but I couldn’t find the funds to bring him in, and all other players seem to be some sort of coverage for the players I really wanted. I’m sure I can find a place for them later though, around GW 3 or 4.

That leaves me with this:

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