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Fantasy Premier League: 6 tips for new players (how to beat your mates!)

Follow player won infotainment for the latest recommendations in Premier League Fantasy Football. We’re playing the official game found here (https://fantasy.premierleague.com/), but most advice can be used on other fantasy platforms as well.

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1. Save your chips for double rounds

The FA Cup always messes up the initial program, and this year, you’re gonna take advantage of that. Imagine having Salah as a captain in a round where Liverpool is playing 2 games, and then imagine that you’ve saved your triple captain chip for that round. SUCCESS! This I why you should hold on to your chips for the game weeks where some teams are playing multiple fixtures. It can quite literally help you close a gap of 50–100 points, with a bit of luck. It’s not just the case for the triple captain chip. The same is true when it comes to the freehit, wildcard or bench boost chips as well.

2. Plan ahead

It rarely works to play with Kyle Bartley (West Brom) and Joe Bryan (Fulham) in your defense when they’re up against Manchester City and Liverpool. You must always plan ahead to make sure that you have an optimal starting line up for every round. This means, that if you have 3 other defenders that can play instead of Bartley and Bryan, and you’re planning on using them in the upcoming game weeks, then you’re solid and you can avoid transfer fees. If they, on the other hand, are just glued to the bench week after week, then you will need to plan ahead to use the whole squad.

3. Make sure to use your transfers (correctly)

If you plan ahead, you’ll see that there are some stretches of the season where you can benefit from Kyle Bartley (sorry Kyle for singling you out so much), and some periods where you absolutely can’t. For instance, when West Brom have back to back games against top 6 clubs, you might wanna bench him. Make sure your transfers are aligned with your long term plans. Simple and effective.

4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

You obviously don’t get extra points for only picking players from 5 different clubs, it’s way too risky, and you’ll end up with a lot of extra transfer fees when your teams are playing each other. A much better strategy is to spread out your players across many different teams. Remember you aren’t picking a winner of the fixture. Winning a game isn’t worth any points, only game-changing individual performances is. A good example of this is Jamie Vardy (Leicester). He has a proven goalscoring track record against the top 6 clubs even though Leicester loses a bunch of them.

5. Use your money on midfielders, not attackers

This one may need a bit of explanation because it’s the attackers who score the goals right?! RIGHT!? That is usually true, but goals for an attacker is also worth less than it is for a midfielder (5 points versus 4 points per goal). On top of that, the midfielders are awarded 1 point for every clean sheet, and they almost always heave more possession the ball, meaning they’ll have a better chance of earning more bonus points(they are awarded for general performance via this system. All in all, midfielders have more ways of earning points than attackers have.

6. Have a center back free defense

The good thing about Fantasy Football is that your team doesn’t have to play in real life, so if you build your defense with mostly wing-backs it’ll help you score more points. Wing-backs (think Trent Alexander-Arnold and Matt Doherty) often have more possession of the ball, and subsequently take more part of the offensive game, which obviously mean, that the likelihood of an assist or a goal increase. Easy points.

Good Luck with your season!

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