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FA Community Shield Special

The Community Shield almost seems like a friendly match in regards to reputation, but if you actually watch the game, the players seem to be taking it very seriously. And why not? It’s a great chance to see how far your pre-season preparations have gotten you. This year it’s the clash of the two front runners in the league: Liverpool vs Manchester City. Two great teams that destroyed all competition last year, and I for one is looking forward to seeing how these two giants will do against each other. But how much can you actually learn from this match? We’ve had a look at the history statistics and here’s what we found out.

Last years winner Manchester City

The winner has the upper hand

Looking back at all Community Shields since 2000, it’s clear that the winner of this match usually is the stronger team, also when you look at happens in the league afterwards. In 14 out of 19 Community Shields, the winning team has also finished above the losing team at the end of the season. That’s a definitive 74%, so whoever wins the game on Sunday, will probably have the upper hand in the season to come.

Does Community Shield winner equal Premier League winner?

It’s one thing to do better than one opponent, it’s another thing entirely to take the championship. The Community Shield winner is a great indicator when it comes to predicting who’s gonna win the Premier League. In 6 matches since 2000 (that’s almost 1 out of 3) the winner of the Community Shield has also ended up winning the league that year, which is pretty high, considering only two out of the big six is competing in the game. This year could very well strengthen that statistic, because I have a hard time seeing another winner of Premier League than either Liverpool or Manchester City.. So my money is gonna be on whoever wins the Shield today. Manchester City did it last year  when they  won both Community Shield and subsequently the League, so perhaps they can repeat the achievement. We will now more in a few hours.

Community Shield Winners that also won the League that year:

Chelsea 2005–06

Manchester United 2007–08

Manchester United 2008–09

Chelsea 2009–10

Manchester United 2010–11

Manchester City 2018–19

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