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Entertainment Time Machine: 2009

Here is what we were all into ten years ago

2009. The internet was different back then and Instagram wasn’t a thing yet. The relatively new platform YouTube was mostly used for looking up David After Dentist, Susan Boyle and JK wedding dance videos. Influencers and content creators were in an infant stage, and no-one would even know what a PewDiePie was for at least another year. Since streaming and Netflix also were not yet what we have today, we were a lot more reliant on television networks and purchasing DVD’s as well as the new exciting Blu-ray format! (or pirating, if you were an absolute badass) Anyways, put down your iPods and let’s look into it:

Here’s what we were all doing back in 2009:


LOST was in its fifth season of making our heads hurt. The survivors of Oceanic 815 were attempting to detonate a nuclear bomb back in 1977 in order to stop the island from jumping through time (just normal Dharma Initiative things). Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Julie were tickling our romance-bones, and not-John Locke was trying to find answers for us. We were pumped for that upcoming last season.

Parks And Recreation was off to an uneven start. Andy(a pre-Starlord period Chris Pratt) and Anne Perkins were living together, and Leslie Knope was still entirely Ben-less. Actually, not even Chris Treager had arrived in Pawnee at this point. We did, however, have our favorite mustached hero Ron Swanson, and that was more than enough. Good times.

Community surprised everyone with its wonderfully quirky first season. Back then, it was a show about a study group in a relatively normal community college (We promise, it actually kind of was, they used to go to classes etc.). Donald Glover was a break-out star, and Jeff Winger was the perfect anti-hero. Oh, and señor Chang, or El Tigre as he prefers to be called, was hilariously mental. When the season ended with that famous paintball-episode “Modern Warfare” we were absolutely hooked.


Avatar premiered in December of 2009. We remember being so distracted by the digital wizardry, that we didn’t even notice that the movie was essentially Pocahontas in a Smurf skin. The evil Gargam… eh Giovanni Ribisi was attempting to take unobtanium (actual name, get it together Cameron) from the Na’vi, but luckily Jake Sulley saved the day. The story perhaps wasn’t that inventive in hindsight, but we were captivated by it back then. Pandora was truly a magical place.

Harry Potter And the Half-Blood Prince had people everywhere in tears with the death of a major character. Snape was finally getting the screen time he deserved, and we were excited to learn more about him. The movies were delightful and suspenseful, and everybody was rooting for our adolescent protagonists in the upcoming hunt for Horcruxes. We miss big franchises like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. There was something magical about looking forward to that yearly visit to the cinema, for a portion of delightful escapism.

Twilight: New Moon Team Edward! We might as well get it out of the way, We were never big Twilight fans, but I mean, we have to take a stand here. No matter how many shirts Taylor Lautner takes off, he remains absolutely horrible. The first two movies weren’t that bad. Sure a little (a lot)cheesy here and there, but they looked great and had a wonderfully sombre tone to them. It might be hard to imagine now, but back in 2009 vampires and werewolves were what zombies subsequently became — if you weren’t into twilight, you probably watched True Blood instead.


Dragon Age: Origins What an absolute treat. We got one of our all-time favorite RPG’s in 2009. We spend hundreds of hours as the Warden trying to save Ferelden from the Darkspawn attack, and we met some amazing characters along the way. At least a dozen hours were spend having meaningful conversations at the campsite with our beloved companions. Alistair was our bro, Morrigan was a bad influence we just could not help but be enthralled by - and Sten was being Sten: hilariously misanthropic, always taking everything literally and ever the connoisseur of fine art and cookies. The franchise was never better. Can we have more like this please Bioware? Perhaps when you are done making Dest.. sorry, we mean Anthem.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Nolan breathed new air into the Batman franchise, maybe even superhero-movies in general, that almost died in the 90’s with some abysmal installments(We are looking at you Mr. Freeze). A year later we got this absolute gem of a video game. The gameplay was never our personal cup of tea, but the artwork and atmosphere were top-notch. Gritty Gotham is a fantastic place to explore and Mark Hamill is a wonderful Joker. It is surely one of the many reasons that the age of Superheroes is still going strong a decade later.

Assasins Creed 2 the first AC looked wonderful. Sure it pushed my Xbox 360 into sounding like a jet plane taking off back in 2009, but the cities and crowds were marvelous(and those leaps of faith were unforgettable, even for a guy with hay allergy) The gameplay was, however, terribly repetitive with basically only a couple of different activities to chose from. In AC2, Ezio Auditore became a fan favorite. A status he would preserve for years to come. The game generally realized the franchise in a much grander way than its predecessor. Obviously Black Flag will always be our favorite AC game, but Ezios adventure sure was a lot of fun.

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