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Betting Tips Premier League Round 32

Follow player won for betting suggestions made purely from data. We have written a kick-ass machine learning algorithm that is now generating football predictions. We can’t guarantee that we’re gonna be right with every single prediction, but we should be able to spot the games, where the bookmaker is simply setting the wrong odds.

The Safe Choice: Liverpool vs Tottenham. Liverpool to win

Tottenham is in a poor form lately, and they haven't fair that well against the other top teams so far this season. Even though Kane is back from injury, they are having a hard time finding the net. And it's not only goals missing, they are getting shot in, but they're not hitting the target at the moment. Only 3.8 shots on target in the last 6 matches, compared to 5,4 for the whole season. Liverpool, on the other hand, is playing well, and even though Salah hasn't been in that good of a form, Liverpool should win this easy, and a market average of 1.6 (3/5) is actually pretty generous.

Key Statistic: Tottenham has gotten an average of 1.17 points in the last 6 games compared to 2.33 for Liverpool.

The Valuebet: Fulham vs Man City. Fulham not to score

Man City has let in just 2 goals in the last 6 Premier League games, and even though Fulham has scored most of their goals at home, there's still pretty good value in this bet. In their last match against Liverpool, Fulham had exactly one change which resulted in a goal, and they are just good at creating chances at the moment. Our algorithm predicts that you can play this bet for as low as 1.45 (9/20), so at a market average of around 1.85 (17/20) this is our week's pick of a nice valuebet.

Key Statistic: Fulham has scored an average of 0.7 goals per game in the last 6 Premier League games.

Other predictions

If you need more inspiration, we have other bets, where we think the bookmaker is getting it wrong:

  • Fulham vs Man City. Man City to win

  • Burnley vs Wolverhampton. Both teams to score

  • Leicester vs Bournemouth. Over 2.5 goals

  • Brighton vs Southampton. Over 2.5 goals

  • Man Utd vs Watford. Man Utd to win

  • Man Utd vs Watford. Under 3.5 goals

  • West Ham vs Everton. West Ham to win

  • Arsenal vs Newcastle. Both teams to score

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