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4 players you need on your team for game week 2!

We’re playing the official Premier League fantasy football game found here:(https://fantasy.premierleague.com/) - but most of our tips can be used on other fantasy platforms as well.

So yeah, last week we suggested getting Rúben Vinagre (Wolves) for your defense. We have admittedly not been so wrong since we gleefully predicted a "Happy New Year" several times on the eve of december 31st of 2019. Oh well - it is going to be a long season, and we will most definitely be wrong again. We are happy to report that we a planning to be right a lot more though, and here is our tips for possible transfers for GAME WEEK 2:

Goalkeeper: Jordan Pickford (Everton) 5m

Everton looked about as strong as anticipated, albeit against a struggling Spurs team. Pickford only bagged a humble 9 clean sheets in the Premier League last season, but Everton also look more solid now than they did a year ago. Granted, priced at 5 million he is a bit dear, but the Toffees should be looking at a pretty decent season, and they are up against West Brom and Crystal Palace in the next rounds, which could mean they will get off to a great start.

Defender: Jamal Lewis (Newcastle United) 4,5m

This could be a real bargain! Arriving from Norwich City for around €16 million earlier in September, the Northern Ireland international is hoping for a real breakthrough season. Lewis has said that he aims to be Newcastle United's version of Andy Robertson (Liverpool), and if that ambition is fulfilled, he will score a lot of points for your fantasy football team. 4,5 is also a great price for an attacking left-back, and he got off to a decent start when the Magpies clinched a clean sheet in their premiere against West Ham in round 1.

Midfielder: Bruno Fernandes (Man United) 10,5m

What a difference he made to Ole Gunnar Solskjærs' team when he arrived in a January of this year! It is finally time for a Portuguese magician to put his spell on a rain-soaked Manchester this autumn once again (sorry Bebé, we were referring to Cristiano Ronaldo)

14 games (9 wins), 8 goals and 7 assists! It will be interesting to see how they line up the midfield after the arrival of dutchman Donny van de Beek, but either way, Fernandes will be integral to the success of the Red Devils this season. You pretty much have to have him. Everybody else will.

Attacker: Patrick Bamford (Leeds United) 5,6m

This is the hipster choice! Bamford plays the violin, the piano (allegedly he once performed a Bach concerto in front of what we could only imagine was a group of severely baffled Middlesbrough teammates) and he nearly went to Harvard. Does he score goals as well? Well, he did against Liverpool in round 1, and he does play for a very attacking Leeds side so he will definitely get the chances. He scored 16 goals in the Championship last season, and this weekend he is up against fellow newly promoted side Fulham, so there is no reason why he shouldn't add to his tally. His price would allow for you to spend more cash on the midfield players, but let's be honest: he has only scored 2 goals in 28 Premier League games in his career so far, so be ready to take that gamble.

Anyways, let's get down to business! Here is our team for GW2:

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